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Instructions for using Email at UCD

Here, you will find information that will help you accomplish the most frequently requested, UCD email-related tasks

10 Things You Should Know About How The Email World Works - Important security advice for how to approach the global e-mail system.

Geckomail - Click here to check your email, via the web, using Geckomail. Geckomail is a Web-based email client, similar to Yahoo! email or Google's Gmail, in which you access your email on the Web. To access, you simply point a browser to, http://geckomail.ucdavis.edu .

How-to Redirect your Campus Email - Click here to learn more about the options, resources, and functionality for redirecting your incoming email messages to another location, etc..

Using Email At UC Davis
To configure an email client, click here for students, and here for faculty/staff.

Out-Of-Office (formerly: Vacation) Email - Click here to learn how to use this feature. If you have need of sending auto-replies to senders who are requesting your immediate attention during a period when you are unable to check your email frequently, or, if you have ever been away from your email long enough, to see a mountain of mail from aggravated senders demanding to know why you have been ignoring their attempts to contact you, then this feature may help you address those persons with a courteous auto-reply containing whatever explanation you might dream-up...

MailID Changes - Click here to learn how and when you can change your Mail ID, (ie., your email ,<your-mail-id>@ucdavis.edu).

Bulk/Mass Electronic Mailing Process - Select this topic to learn how to adhere to the campus process for sending email to more than a 250 recipients. The Bulk/Mass Mailing service is coordinated by the Email Postmaster's office. There are a number of steps involved in each request, and the Postmaster Office makes sure that all steps of the process are complete and correct. The Postmaster's office has prepared a document for departments

EMERGENCY Bulk/Mass Electronic Mailing Process - Need to send a Bulk/Mass Electronic Mailing in a hurry? Select this topic to learn how. This is link will direct you to a secure site that requires proper clearance. Not everyone is authorized access this data.