UC Davis Information & Educational Technology

Email and Computing Support and Information

Here, you will find information regarding the various support resources for UCD computing.

Computing Accounts - Is the place to go for creating & managing your UCD computing account for access UCD to a variety of UCD computing resources.

Downloadable Forms - Various computing and email related forms to acomplish the following: Employee or Individual Account Cancellations, Proxy Registration or Password Change, Temporary Affiliate access, & Request to Inspect, Monitor, or Disclose Email Records.

Account Proxy Program - If you want to know what it is, then this is the place for you, or, if you have to ask, you don't want to know.

Account Proxies (the list) - List of registered UCD Proxies.

Newsgroups - Information about Newsgroups at UC Davis.

Email Computing Statistics - The Data Center Infrastructure Systems Management group maintains (among other things) some interesting email computing statistics.

UCD Central Computing services and Systems' status - Valuable tool for quickly identifying the status of central computing services and servers (Email, Exchange, DaFIS, Banner, etc.).

Postmaster's Glossary - General defnitions for computer users at UC Davis.

IT Express - IT Express (http://itexpress.ucdavis.edu) is the computing help desk for students, faculty and staff at UC Davis.