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Managing Your Email During an Absence

Automatic out-of-office replies to incoming e-mail

Out-of-office email tells people who send you messages that you are away. You can use it to tell senders how long you will be gone, and perhaps who to contact in your absence. If you use the central campus email service, go here to set up your message: Out Of Office email setup form. If you have a different email service, check its instructions to learn how to set an out-of-office message.

To access your email while you're away...

Use your email program, such as DavisMail or Microsoft Outlook; or, if you use the central campus email service, you can use UC Davis' secure, Web-based email program, Geckomail, to check your UC Davis email. Find it at http://geckomail.ucdavis.edu/

To set or adjust your email settings

Mailing list members

Subscribers to high-traffic email lists might want to suspend their subscriptions during a prolonged absence. See the documentation at http://lists.ucdavis.edu

For help with campus computing account questions, including email, please contact the IT Express Computing Services Help Desk at (530) 754-HELP (4357).