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Mail ID Name Changes

Mail ID Changes

MailIDs will only be changed to reflect a legal name change.

Students must request the name change with the Registrar's Office. Staff and Faculty must request the name change with their payroll department. MailIDs will not be changed to avert spam email. Please see the "How to Stop Spam" knowledge base article for information on this issue.

Once you have submitted your paperwork please send a request to ITHelp@ucdavis.edu and let us know that you have submitted the change and would like your MailID renamed to reflect the name change.

Once the new name is processed we will rename the MailID accordingly. We will send you an email letting you know when the change will take effect.

Email addressed to your old MailID will deliver mail to your new MailID for a period of 180 days, after which the old address will be removed from the system. After that time email addressed to your old email address will be returned to the sender as undeliverable. This gives you a period of time to notify correspondents of the change in your email address.

If you are subscribed to any mailing lists you should change the email address under which you are subscribed. There are different programs used to distribute email to mailing lists so consult the notification you received upon subscribing to the list for instructions on making this change. If you don't notify the list or its administrator of the change in your email address then after your old email address expires mail will be returned to the list and you may be unsubscribed.